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Text & Image

With a degree in Art, Communication, and Professional Writing with a Multimedia emphasis, my interests encompass working with image and text. Rather than placing more importance on either text or image, I seek a balance between the two--where image lacks in communication, text can compensate and vice versa. For each project I approach, I weave text and image together with an understanding of the intended message, audience, and medium. Taking advantage of both print and digital mediums creates a dynamic skillset that widens my scope of communication.


Looking Forward

Never one to favor a single medium, I thrive in exploring hands on arts (paper making and installation pieces) as well as digital creations (creating websites or using the Adobe suite). After a magazine writing class, I discovered my love for learning others' stories and transcribing them to share with the world. My window facing the future remains open; I plan to maintain a career in which I feel my work contributes to a greater cause. Wherever I go, my goal is to use my visual and written skills in a creative environment while working and learning with others.

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My Experience

For details & more information please visit my professional profile here.


Explore What I've Created

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Found here, are my designed marketing material for Halls Executive Gifts & Awards, and sister companies, Frederick Engraving and Market Innovations. Brochures and flyers intended to promote awareness of products and services to potential new clients in the Sonoma County region.

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Winter 2017

Here are my designs for re-imagining material for a local café & coffee shop, my personal logo, and personal business card. There is also my design work done for the Starting Lines magazine.

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Fall 2016

Here you will find three articles I wrote for Magazine Writing- a movie review, a profile, and a Think Piece.

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Spring 2017

As a Design Intern for Starting Lines, a Writing Program Publication at the University of California Santa Barbara, I was assigned to update and re-design their existing website. Originally, the site was plain, text heavy, and lacked imagery. Through a WordPress template, I edited and added code and images to create an interactive and attractive site. Press the link to check out the end result.

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Here you'll find my gallery page- all photos I have edited, but not all that I took. If I didn't take them, then it was taken by my partner. You can find more from him HERE.

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Spring 2016

For a group project we had to make a Zine (mini magazine). I was the designer while also author for 3 of the written pieces.

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Spring 2016

Here is a blog from a Grammar and Stylistics class from Spring 2016. Check out how the world of grammar and stylistics is connected to everything you've ever learned and the culture in which you live. I learned pretty fast, grammar's much more than figuring out where you can or can't place that ; in your sentences.

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Winter 2016

The beginning of it all...Multimedia writing. This is the platform where I experimented, practiced, and discovered how writing has transformed from ink on paper to the numerous mediums in our digital age. You'll find posts of my thoughts responding to readings along with the first podcast and video i've ever made.

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Spring 2016

Here you will find a "Poetic Experiment" incorporating a poem I wrote and experimental scans.


N.P Creations

In a west coast city by the sea...

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